Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vacation Hair, Grand Bahama

After washing out that press, I faced another challenge. I was going on vacation in less than a week and needed to do something to my hair!!  I was going to Grand Bahama for a quick 3 day vacation with pools, beaches, and humidity.  I told myself I was going to twist it up into medium sized twists....

and then I didn't.  I ended up totally running out of time, and I re-cowashed my hair the very morning of the trip and decided to just shingle it pretty solidly and hope for the best.  I used the Argen oil Eco styler, with some Shea Moisture souffle, some hairsickle cream and some Hairveda almond glaze.  It was still damp as I was boarding the plane...  smh.

BUT it held up for the whole trip, and it was mostly too cold to go for full fledged swimming anyway.  I wrapped it up one day at the beach, because of the wind and sand and I did go in the ocean up to my face.

*side note* I was told salt water is really good for your skin and my acne would clear up in the sun and ocean water....  NOT.  OMG  it got soooo much worse.  Maybe there was too much fish pee in the water?  or my sunscreen was the devil.  I dunno... I came back with weeping blemishes all over my chin.  :-(  Clean and Clear Advantage acne spot treatment has cleared it up though, and I now love burts bees face clensing wipes.  My skin looks good now.

So anyway- here are a bunch of picts from the trip :-) I long to be back on that beach with the tide out.  They filmed parts of the Pirates of the Carribean there!


  1. Sunscreen turns my sensitive skin into braille, be it added to a moisturizer (which I now never use) or makeup.
    Your shoulders look amazing!

  2. You look great! Hair and body. BTW, is a workout regimen post coming anytime soon? Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your hair looked fantastic! I'm going on a diet.

  4. where did you get that cute swimsuit?! i love swimsuits with boy short bottoms.

  5. Thanks everyone. I think it was the sunscreen in retrospect :-( But I need to use it so I don't really know how to get around the bad skin (?)

    I am active but I don't work out, however, I would say that I eat well. I can think of a way to write about that lol.

    The swimsuit is from H&M almost 6 yrs ago. I got several colors or the same suit and they are my faves!

  6. Well.... hello from Princeton...lets get in touch and talk soon Hello to Tim when you speak to him next and love to Susan for me cousin.


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