Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Two horrible things I've seen this week

I don't have to describe these much...
1. NO! no, no, no. WTH... @ My local Target.

and 2.
My first...

Yeah. I'm 30.


  1. LOL, at the first gray hair ( I think that's what that is, please forgive me if its not)

    EMBRACE IT!!. I have a couple as well Although I am 40...I embrace each and every strand that comes through. I remember , when I first saw my very first ...I was so excited I called my husband at work and then called my father.

    There are many who don't live to see there very first gray hair, ya know. I am super happy , to still be alive to witness it.

    We are still fabulous natural's with grays and all ( smiles)

    Take care.

  2. Sugah'--EMBRACE IT--it's God's way of telling you you're on your way to wisdom-ville--i can't believe you pluck'd it!!!---RRRROOOFFFLLLLL--DON'T LOSE ANY SLEEP OVER IT--lol

  3. are you serious!?! did they place the perms on the same display with natural hair products? WTH! when are we going to overcome?

    Oh, and don't trip about the gray hair. I have them all over the front of my head and I am only 35. i think the salt and pepper look is sexy fly!

  4. yep. a grey hair. I've found stress hairs before- of the blond variety. But this one was def white and a different texture even. Hiding in my dark locks. smh. I like your perspective zainab1- I'll stick to that thought!

    @God's Natural Hair- They sure did! you can click on the picture to see it better. I was like "where is the natural... oh... hellll noooooo!"

  5. And the relaxers have the nerve to be on top, big and bold! iCant :(

    And on the greys...I have about a handful, I'm 31...I love them, and I keep telling my mom I want to cultivate a grey streak a-la-Stacy (from what not to wear) LOL

    Its all part of what makes us uniquely beautiful - greys and all!

  6. Yep! Got my first gray hair last week-right at my temple, no less. I'm bald there as it is, so I refuse to pluck it.

    Is this the Target in Silver Spring because that endcap looks just like the one in the Target near my job!

  7. Target- Now that is twisted. They trying to get the natural to go back to relaxers.. LOL..

    The gray- I started when I was 24yrs of age. I still fight it all the way. I am not ready to expect it. For the ladies who can I say, "YOU GO GIRL". Work that thang..

  8. It's the Target at PG plaza! I assume some hapless dude, or teenage non-black quickly put that display up for the "black women" after some serious store re-organizing. I could not find anything in there.

  9. Man, I wish they carried those products in my Target. The natural stuff...not the relaxers ;).

    -AND-No biggie on the grays... I've had mine since my twenties.

  10. The Target near my office (in NJ) has similar display with Miss Jessie's stuff and other Black haircare products. It seems to be an organized effort to display Black haircare products on endcaps (normally in the back of the aisle).

    I'm not offended that relaxers and natural hair care products are together. Some of us relax, some are natural, others are transitioning or are weaved up. Honestly, I'm just happy to see that the Target in this mostly White small town even carries products for our hair, whatever it's texture/process/condition. I'm just sayin'... love your blog.

  11. Wow, that display is bad but at least you've got the natural products. No sign of those in Kentucky.

    As far as the gray....I'm 35 and I've had them probably since I turned 30. Mine are all in the front and I faithfully cover mine. Just colored last night. I'm not ready to embrace the gray yet. Maybe one day but not now....I'm still looking for Mr. Right. :)

  12. I kind of wish they had this display at my Target. All of the natural products sold out in like 2 days, and now half of the display is empty except for relaxers. You'd think they'd get a hint to restock on natural but still all that's there are relaxers.

  13. them fools @ that target was just trying to fill out shelf space. smh they knew better.
    i tried to dye my gray hair, to no avail. ive learned to embrace them

  14. wow im barely 18 and have dozens of gray hair : (, but i choose to embrace it : )


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