Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More on shingling with Ecostyler- vid-n-results

So I made a video when I was almost done shingling my hair a few days ago- with the Denman! (a knock-off denman style brush that is) Yes it's back! On my long hair I found it to be more trouble than it was worth, but on this length it's great again. I also like the shape of my hair best when shrunken pretty tight, so ta da- Denman shingled curls. I don't use the Denman to detangle (I prefer my hands or a Jilbere Shower Comb), but use it to style my hair like this.

I took pictures on day 3, since I putted around the house for two days over the weekend. But it was holding up nicely! I'm on day 5, (FIVE!) today. I'll have to remember to take some pictures.

Here is day 3.

...and another vid for good measure. I love my iPhone :-*


  1. Your hair looks great! When I use Ecostyler (olive oil type) to shingle my hair it ends up being 'crunchy'. Is yours the same way? If not, how do you keep it soft?

  2. Thanks! I prefer the Pink or the Blue (color care)ecostyler gels. There is a little guide on the side that tells you how firm the hold is from 1-10 or 12. The Green and Clear is like 10 I think and the pink is like 5 or 6 and the blue is 3 I think. I got the olive oil one once on principal, and thinking it would be similar to the pink and hated it.

  3. your hair is great. i have a similar cut, & I was wondering what routine you have for maintaining your style for multiple days. my hair is now too short to "pineapple" before bed & i find that i have to restyle my hair in the mornings.

  4. Great video, but at what point do you add the castor oil?

  5. Hi @ QuietStorm! thanks and I noted that too, pineappling doesn't work so well anymore. I tend to kinda put my scarf on like a huge headband but leave my "bang" out. If I cross cross in the back I leave slack to push my hair up into the scarf, but if I cross in the front it kinda ends up pinappled anyway, with a bang out. My sides suffer the worst smooshing. Have you tried the bonnet thing? Mine always used to come off.

    @ Wonder211- I had already put it on the section I was holding when the camera started rolling. I decided kinda late to make a video lol. I used about a half teaspoon size and rubbed it in my palms and coated the section- then everything else.

  6. @Nisus thanks for the reply! I switch between a bonnet & a scarf depending on how my hair is styled. If it's pulled back, I use a scarf, but if it's out, I use a bonnet. My biggest problem which is "slightly" better now with the haircut is that my hair on the front left side of my head is a much looser curl pattern than the other areas of my head. So I have to do some finger curling or either part my hair off center to help conceal/blend my other hair in with that area. Being that I'm a wild sleeper, if I happen to lay on that side, my hair is pretty much straight with a limp curl in the morning & I have to restyle that area @ the least.
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  7. Hey,
    I need to learn more about this "pineapple" thing. My hair is getting much longer and the bonnet just isn't working anymore. Could you uploas a lil vid on how to do this? Or send me a link if you already have one?

  8. could you show any pics of how u preserve your hair at night??
    im impressed at this 5 day struggling to even get day 2!! lol

  9. Your video inspired me to try this again after un successful attempts in the past. Perhaps it was the different product combo as well as your technique, but this time it came out great. 3 days no crunch and very nicely defined. I used giovanni direct leave in (which I had not liked as a stand alone leave in) with olive oil eco styler.
    Thanks for the tips!

  10. What texture is your hair? It looks great!


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