Thursday, July 1, 2010

Had to share! Fabulous Hair

It was Caribbean carnival weekend here in DC and my girls showed up and showed off some fly natural hair. You may have seen them on here before. These pictures from FaceBook made me smile and got lots of compliments on the natural hair vibe :-) Thanks J! Gotta love natural hair!
How dope is this braid-out?

Beantown crew!


  1. Um. I thought my braid out was cute until I saw hers. HOT! *hair envy*

  2. Everyone looks fab! N yes, I'm luvin ol girl's braid out!

  3. everyone looked like they had a ball! yeah her braid out is fresh

  4. I want that braid out. How did she achieve that look? did she do a french braid, single braids down the two sides, hey I am going to try it whichever and every way.. Super fly hair!!

  5. Lol my briad-outs never look like that! I'm jelly. Everyone looks like they are really enjoying themselves though!

  6. Hello ladies! Thank you for all the LOVE (blushing). I actually achieved this braid out with my hair slighly damp and added shae butter to each section.They were medium sized braids sectioned off. I also added flex rods initially to the ends (due to my previous heat damage) But I like the thicker curl that happened when I flex rodded (sp) the entire braid :) Oh...and a little get on the ends to make sure the hair did not unravel!

    Hope this helps!


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