Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Curl set on type 4 hair

Most of my closest friends have natural hair, and we have all helped each other past the learning curve and with styling processes over the years. When I was younger I used to braid and twist hair, with extensions at times, for friends and family, and even for small payments extending outside of my closest circle. It's helped me learn a lot about natural hair patterns, and how we all will have different responses to different things. Me and my girls, and even my guy, have different textures, different thickness, in density and strand diameter.

So meet one of my closest friends! She has beautiful, type 4 curly hair, that forms tight, well formed curls very easily. Her hair takes to shingling and moisturizers very well. She wanted a curl set so I came by and used small and medium curlers with Ecostyler and CON Rosemary and Lemongrass leave in. Above is a pic of her washed, detangled, and conditioned hair before the set, and before any product.

We chatted and watched tv as I put all the curlers in, and I flat twisted some of her roots in front for better staying power. That was something I learned would work well after doing my own set. Here is a quick video of me putting a few of the rollers in.

And after they were all in:
She has been re-doing them at night to fight the frizzys. She is an active person who goes to the gym regularly. But it looks really cute! Now that she knows how to set it like this she is planning on doing a rod set this weekend on smaller curlers. She sent me these pictures of the results today.


  1. I like this style!! I'm a big fan of Ecostyler too and i'm wondering the results if I paired it with Carols Daughter Hair milk?

  2. hello so I think me and her have the same type hair what product did you use on her hair?


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