Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blunt Bang

I found the picture I was looking for! This was taken of me and my homegirl (also natural) at a lounge in DC. I had the bang in full effect with eyeliner and a shrunken bob style. I was feeling it :-)

Below are pictures of me yesterday and today rocking the same look. I rather enjoy the shrinkage factor with the bang- it's a ready made style. Eye makeup becomes the key.

I also am thrilled to announce that my face has cleared up! I was on a month long cycle of twice a day antibiotics and continue to apply Tazorac cream once a day. The results are amazing. I just have some scarring that I can easily cover with powder, and no active breakouts :-) See your dermatologist if you continue to struggle despite your best efforts and natural remedies. This has saved my face, and a lot of money (spent on things that were not working).


  1. You have gorgeous glad I found your site! I've been natural since 8/22/08 so my hair is right around 9 inches (stretched), is mad curly and in that in between stage...not my beloved TWA, but not long either. I am in desperate need of styling options and inspiration, which I hope to get here. :O) My hair texture is very similar to yours. Two-strand twist outs are my current go to right now, but I always love learning new tips and tricks.

  2. I looooooove the bangs! I am so glad that I found your site. Our hair is very similar in texture and I am now trying to get an appt to have my bangs cut-thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love the top photo and love your curls!

  4. Your skin looks great!! Glad that you were able to get some help from the dermatologist. Which products and method did you use to achieve the above hairstyle? What did you use to pull your hair back in the last four pics above? Ponytail holder? Or is it just pinned back?

  5. Glad your skin has cleared up! I'm really glad you've found something that works. I'm still on the search for something that can help my breakouts and clear up the scars. Hope you have some words of wisdom for me!

    Also, your hair looks amazing. You're using shrinkage to your advantage :D

  6. Thanks everyone :-D
    @mikimu I hope some of these styles work for u! I have the slide show in the sidebar of older styles too.
    Hi @ LaToya I have tons of the scunchi no damage elastics for thick hair laying around- that I use for everything. I used one to pull the front sides back and then pulled the whole chunk of hair through the roots like the topsy tail commercials from back in the day. I'm pretty sure I was using Eco styler gel mixed with a leave in conditioner. Not sure which :-/

  7. Your hair is crazy beautiful!!! I'm transitioning now and it's really rough at times. Your info and pics are really inspiring and helpful. Thanks so much!

  8. Just stopping by to say I love what your doing with your hair!!!
    Gives me inspirtation!!!


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