Friday, April 9, 2010

The Big BANG!

I love my "bang!" I have had, like, 3 moments total where I wish the front was longer again, but I get over it fast when I discover a new style. This week I wore it out in a blunt across bang for a few days, with eyeliner and a shrunken bob shape. It was very girlie :-* and a picture was taken of me at a lounge, which I'm trying to get and post.

But below is how I wore it today. I have been using good ole Kinky Curly custard mixed with Elasta QP mango butter, and refreshing with CHI keratin mist.

I loveeeee the way it smells. And it actually doesn't really even smell good, per se... lol. I got it on super sale ($4 @ Ross!) and wanted to try it but essentially, I use it for smell alone vs plain water.

But here I am today at work with a low side puff and a bang.


  1. Your hair is beautiful!!!!! I LOVE this blog, it's the best I've seen, particularly because our hair is so similar, it inspires me to stay the course! July will be my big chop one year anniversary and my hair has grown tremendously, but with shrinkage I get very little hang :( If I stretch it a bit with a blow dryer it hangs better, but it eventually reverts after a few days. I've seen many youtube video's that say heavy gel produces a better hang, but I'm very particular about my products and many heavy gels have ingredients I'm not okay with. I love the KCCC because it gives me amazing definition, shine, with no crunch, but it's so light my hair shrinks right up. I use a homemade mix of coconut oil, shea butter and conditioner for moisture underneath, but my hair sucks it right up. Some have suggested using the shea only, but my hair doesn't like that, it just builds up and looks grimy. I need water in my leave in to aid is absorption. My hair is very healthy right now so the shrinkage isn't the end of the world, but any tips would help. I see that you use the elasta with the KCCC does that help with combating shrinkage or is it just for moisture retention? How exactly do you use it? Lastly did your hair begin to naturally hang more with growth?

  2. Okay so scratch any questions above. I've looked around the blog and my questions have been answered. You hair is marvelous and your attitude is beautiful! Thanks for creating this.

  3. Hi Cassie! I'm glad you like it :-D thanks and you are welcome.
    I'll answer some anyway just because I love talking about hair lol. I totally agree about the pure Shea butter- my hair gets soooo dirty so fast using it often. KCCC with the Knot Today or Elasta QP seems to elongate the curl a bit, but yes with more growth and a good cut it will hang even more. I cut a bang to help with my shape, because my hair in the font is generally very upwardly mobile and began to hang in my face lol. And there is always the stretching technique with light heat on the roots and interior. If done infrequently it can help with hang time without damage. As it grows longer you can also elongate the back and sides by flattening them with your scarf (or in a loose pony with enough length) at night upside down- I now hear this is called pineappling lol.


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