Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In the midst of a storm

Checking in real quick.
My brother had surgery and is in the recovery process now finally.  Quite a scare he gave us.  He's generally super active and healthy so this came out of left field.  He had a spontaneous lung collapse that was not healing on its own.  3 chest tubes, a surgery and a full week later he went home.  sigh.  dangerous stuff.

So I got back to home after spending almost a week with him and my family, only to be hit with the passing of my grandfather.  I had just gotten in contact with that branch of my family in 2004 (in ATL) and was enjoying the process of getting to know them.  He picked me up for a drive a few years ago, and took me to meet some of my family down south.  Then his health tanked and I didn't really get to see him again.  But I went to the funeral and just got back yesterday.  My family has deep southern roots :-) It was nice to see his actual home town (and my grandmother's), Monticello GA, and the tin roof houses and eat some real home cooking amidst the real purpose for my quick visit.

My grandfather and one of my uncles, me and my homegirls - on a trip to ATL in 2004.

Grandad and two of my uncles, (RIP Addison- not pictured)

The day after I got the news about my grandfather, the house next door to my house burned down, and I saw it on the news while at work...  my house in the immediate back ground. I later learned that the news crews were assembled in my driveway! The circumstances surrounding the fire are suspicious to say the least, and now I have a boarded up, condemned house directly outside my BR windows. It was an absentee owner/landlord, renting out individual rooms to people who were mostly down on their luck (for lack of a better term).  They are all displaced and the Redcross was helping them briefly- but pray for them in the meantime.  I do, however, hope the owner looses the house and that the residents that were there will be replaced by a more traditional family or owner, fitting the rest of the neighborhood. Most of my neighbors are older empty nesters, families, or middle aged couples.

SOOOOOOOoooooo um. my hair....is on my head.
That's about it lol.
And my bottom teeth hurt with the new braces.  They are definitely moving far and fast.

When this storm passes I will post more on our regularly scheduled content!


  1. Thank you for keeping us posted

  2. Sending up prayers for you.

  3. Thanks for checking in, sorry for the loss of your grandfather. I'm glad to hear of your brother's recovery, I'll send some positive thoughts for him, you and the rest of your family. I'm sure the hair devotees can wait for pics, take care of yourself and good luck with the "teethers."

  4. wow, you are in it. hang in there. and nice keeping your chin up. ;)


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