Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's a new Year!

Happy new year!  Guess what?  I got my laptop!  :-D
I have to finish setting it up and I'll be ready to go!  I haven't had a laptop since the days of the black macbooks in undergrad.  Funny thing is that old Macbook still works but it's so old it doesn't have a CD dive, usb ports, wirless compatibility :-/ lol.
I had a budget of $500 (because I will be getting another desktop soon so I have to be prudent now) and scored an Acer with a blue ray player and a bunch of other bells and whistles that will do me just fine for a while.  Enough of that- You can probably tell how excited I am.  It means that I can post more often, write more for this blog and some other projects, write and post on the road... just... ahhhh.  I'm normal for once.

I'm not really prepared at the moment to write full post yet, but I last posted about how dry my hair was after putting something in it that blocked moisture from getting in. I got a good look at my ends then and had since decided to give myself a trim.  I did a dry trim like my hair dresser does, snipping my bangs back a month's worth of growth and I got rid of any rough and fuzzy ends.  I also decided to forgo gel for a while, and keep my hair extra moisturized. 

Here are a few picts of my trim:
Check out the different sized curlies and the beastly growth!  My red rinse is still hanging on strong too! Love it.

As for products, I have been enjoying Quidad's leave in conditioner, KC Knot Today leave in and Natural Oasis hair and scalp conditioner.  I had a big bottle of something called liquid grease, that I believe was by Natural Oasis too (It wasn't really liquid lol, and I "poured" it into another container to get it out of the bottle easier- it's like a very soft version of the hair and scalp conditioner), and was reformulated and packaged differently.  I've had both for about 4 years now and keep going back to them at times.  My hair loves this stuff, which consists mostly of cold pressed vegetable oil. It seems to keep it pliable and prone to curl, even if the curl pattern is disturbed.  It's weirdly moist, yet not quite greasy.  It reminds me of Carols Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey, and Natures Blessings Hair pomade.  I'll be sticking to those products, and plain Castor oil this year as my oil/sealants.   Trying to say goodbye to the PJ!

PS!  The truth is I'm also trying out Kiss My Face Upper management gel :-) and Safi hair care's Avocado Shea Butter.  I'm not a big fan of shea butter- never have been- but the addition of Avocado and the whipped texture have me intrigued :-) But I swear! That's it for the new! lol


  1. omg! the last picture is to DIE FOR! I love love loveee your hair!

  2. So Glad to see you back! :-) Seriously, I've been checking in to your blog everyday to see if you'd updated; Yeah, one of my New Years resolutions was to check natural hair blogs less often so you being back probably won't help much with that...... still nice to see you back *cheesy smile*. Btw Safi Avocado Shea Butter works so well, plus the smell is amazing, although it can be pretty overpowering. I don't mind though, I just use it as a substitute for perfume.

    (P.S. I was wondering how you keep your hair from getting extremely tangled after a wash 'n go . Whenever I do that style I get waayyyy more breakage than if my hair were stretched)

  3. I've been using Nature's Blessing Hair Pomade for the last 5 1/2 years on my hair and when my daughter was born I started using it on her hair. Our hair stays thick and shiny. Then, I introduced my grandma to it as a way to treat her thinning hair and it help her tremendously. This is the best thing to use on your hair if you do not want to use harsh chemicals or treat your hair from the results of harsh chemicals.

  4. Natures Blessings Hair pomade - I have 6 year old locs so I've been trying all kinds of pomades, creams and gels in my hair for years trying to find a product that wouldn't leave my hair greasy and heavy. THIS IS THAT PRODUCT! I discovered it about two years ago at a street fair in Brooklyn, NY. I only got one jar and when I used it for the first time I was upset that I didn't purchase more. I finally found it again from a street vendor in New Orleans when I visited there. I bought three jars. This stuff is great! It gives moisture, luster and sheen to my hair without making it greasy. It smells wonderful, nothing overpowering, just a natural fresh scent that lasts and lasts. My hair has never looked or felt healthier. I get compliments constantly, all because of this product.

  5. your hair looks so healthy and beautiful


  6. i LOVE that asymmetrical cut. it's super cute!

  7. Your hair is gorgeous! I live in the DC area as well and have really been struggling to find someone who can trim and help me learn to care for my hair. You posted that you did a dry trim like your hair stylist does - who does your hair in this area?


  8. found your blog by way of kinky-curly-queen/obsessed blog. i love your hair and the many different styles you wear.


  9. Good Lord! I'm drooling. I really LOVE that hair cut of yours. Very, very nice!

  10. Black. Well brown. Well In Fact, African American, actually African. Nevermind LOL. I love human beings like the one whom wrote this bvlog -


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