Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hair on "The Game"

Even though I don't have picts I thought I'd talk real quick about the hair on the premiere of "season 4" of The Game on BET last night. 

Did ya'll see the natural girl that was supposed to be TT's girl?  Her hair was dope, and her cut kinda reminded me of mine, but it was even more exaggerated. She turned out to be a regular skank though, so as we all know- don't let the natural hair lead you into thinking a woman is enlightened. lol.

So almost everyone else was weaved out! BUT Megan Good's short cut (a la Keri Hilson) was VERY cute.  She actually looks better with short hair IMO.  I think a natural textured short cut on her would be fire!

I also thought Tasha's weave was well suited on her. Her bangs were cute, the dark color was sleek.  But Melanie...  The lighter color on her is not a good look, and her hairline looked pretty frazzled.  Over-processed maybe.  I was feeling the cute pixi-like cut from a few years ago, and the darker color hair on her complexion.  But I guess they are more "glamorous" this season on BET. smh.

SO then there was the issue of doubt about the baby, partly because of his hair.  Come on now.  I could make an argument for his complexion and hair paired together creating a question, particularly because of Jenea's trip to FL around the time she conceived him.  But I more genuinely feel sorry for her character.  She looked different with long hair too.  It was cute, and I don't know if it looked "better" than her shorter hair from before.  But back then her hair was VERY straight, shiny and looked to have a fine (as in thin strands) texture. If this were not TV, hair like that could easily be very curly naturally. So the hair argument alone was a bit BS.  And I mean, if you can so radically replace Brittany with a sassy little teenage tart, who no longer looked feasible as a child of either parent, I guess they are asking us to suspend our belief from jump.  Yet they still tapped into our "good hair" and light skin hang up in African America. Their conversations were not likely lost on any viewers.  Which is kinda sad.

Who else is a fan and what did you think?


  1. Yea I agree! My girlfriend was saying the same we chucked through the snow (with her bf) to watch the premiere of the show last night. Though I did not understand why it always has to be a color issue (but it was clearly a divide btwn light & dark complexions)...I did like to twists/turns on the 1st show but it was so glamorous--I hope they take it down a notch--there was no really funny scenes (like the previous shows) it was real serious for the most part...but we'll see for styles and storie lines as the season goes on,....please preview :

  2. I thought Melanie's hair was not as cute as it had been either. I caught the natural hair girl and loved it!

  3. I thought it was so funny when Derwin said that they have Indian in their family. I don't like Melanie hair color and Kelly character is wack, the hair reminds me of Kate from Kate Plus 8. Other than that i totally enjoyed the show and look forward to what is to come.

  4. yes I was very disappointed to see Kelly's daughter now a tween with what looked left a fresh silky No Lye Relaxer.

  5. I thought Kelly's daughter was 2 old(only 2 years had passed per show intro) and her attitude toward her father was ugly. Before the show went on "break" they had a good relationship. I was hoping Kelly and Jason would get back together..Kelly is looking skankey and desperate with ex-wives show.. The show made Melanie 2 insecure and she was EXCITED 2 tell Derwin that beautiful little boy was not his!SMH! I like Jenea. Why didn't Derwin marry her? I'm looking forward to seeing where the writers will take the show. Love the fashion! Tasha is sassy then ever! Though it's funny 2 see she is afraid of!

  6. The curly haired actress playing TT's girlfriend is Andy Allo. She has tons of great hair shots on the web... very cute curls.

  7. I LOVE The Game, but I hate the "good hair" and light skin hang up dialogue that they include in the show. I'm sure their aiming for authenticity by including it since we REALLY CAN BE that silly. It's 2011 and we're still using complexion and a baby's hair texture as visual cues for paternity?!? Come on! Can we leave that part of buffoonery out of the show?

  8. I was at a discussion last night and they pointed out that the babymama or mean girlfriend is always a darker skinned girl- as in The Game. And they gave a few other examples, Gina and Pam, Joan and Toni, some older shows I never watched like Soul Food... And I was like whoa... They were also pissed at Jamie Foxe's latest video- Same kind... which I had peeped his game on. SMH.

    So how about last week?
    It was a bit more funny EXCEPT for that whole Pitsy shuffle bit. So painful- beyond the intended effect painful. And TT needs to kick Malik in the teeth lol. And the "video vixen" girl looks like Nikki minaj to me lol.

    I wonder how long they will be able to keep hiding Tia's real life pregnancy.


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