Friday, October 8, 2010

My Red Hair

Soooooo.... I put the color in my hair a few weeks ago and am just now happy to share it :-/
I have been waiting for it to fade down to something like I wanted.  Alas, it came out RED and not red-head-orange like I wanted.  I got a semi permanent rinse that is supposed to wash out in 28 washes- Garnier HerbaShine Haircolor Kit - Medium Auburn Brown.

BUT first - let me share with you the true color and growth of my highlighted hair (originally colored on June 3rd).  I finally caught some shots to show  you what I was seeing in vanity lights, but could never capture in all the other shots I took for the blog.

THIS  is how bright my highlights had gotten, and how much my hair had grown:

Yikes right?  Especially if I combed it out or was wearing it stretched. 

So something had to be done, right?  In came the herbashine.  I picked a med/dark color, knowing it would fade.  Followed the directions, (got dye all over my bathroom lol.) Ladies, that mess came out soooooo red.  Like RED:
This is 2 days later. It was still hard to capture the color on camera, but this is a good representation.  I think I/it looked horrid! lol

So the days have passed and it has faded into something I rather like and much more what the box looked like.  It looks WAYYY better than before. It's actually growing on me more and more as it lightens and plays up my hazel eyes :-) 

And I think I am done with dramatic color from now on. Bordum be damned.


  1. The red is really cute and works so well with your tone! Playing with color (safely) is so fun. I had the same brassy issue with my summer highlights and recently dyed my whole head a deeeeeeep black. I love it!

  2. I used the same color last week. My hair is some kind of weird burgundy color but I like it.

  3. I like the red on you. It works.

  4. I like the red. I think it works and it's a great fall color.


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