Thursday, October 21, 2010

Curly twists on my bob

The last time I twisted my hair, I'd done it after I blew it out, and the ends would not hold!!  They were too blunt, unraveling and fuzzing out.  I was so disappointed!  So this time I did smaller twists on freshly washed and air dried hair.  I used Yes to Cucumbers conditioner as my leave in, sealed with castor oil.  I wore my hair out like that for a day- and twisted it dry the next day with no additional product.  It looked kinda icky... UNTIL I decided to roller set it on my small blue flexy rods.  I used Curls Goddess Curl Gel from Target to "wet" the ends of about 6 twists at a time, which I then coiled together to smooth before putting on the rollers.  This fixed the whole style!  Here it is the next day:

And a few pictures from the few days after:
I re-set it on the curlers quickly each night and got 6 days out of the twists before my twist out:
The red highlights.  Fading nicely!
See how my ends begin to revert back to my small curls once outside of the curlers for even a day.
So thennnnnn I went to a birthday party on the weekend and needed an up-do to show off some huge, fabulous earrings I got.  Me and my girls = All NATURAL.  Pressed, locked, twisted - Sexy ladies!


  1. Waaaah!My hair is so fine, my twists do not look this full! I envy you!

  2. hey Nia...i need advices..the thing is i got a 4a o b type hair...right now it is dark brown and i want it light golden brown..but my hair doesn't get any idk wat to i wanna knw wat u think about bleach it or keep puttin dyes till i get wat i want...

  3. Twists and the twist out look awesome!

  4. You have no idea how much I love how this came out! Definitely going to try this on my twists that I did today.

  5. I really like the hair color..subtle but noticeable!

    very cutes style!

  6. Hi @Odry I don't know much about color and I'd admit even that my recent venture into highlighting was a fail- BUT I did see a few posts about using cinnamon and honey to lighten hair ( without the harsher bleaches and chemicals it takes to lift really dark hair.

    If you do want to use a professional strength dye I recommend Aveda brand color. I did not suffer any damage after my highlights. My ends are still great 4 months later.


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