Monday, September 28, 2009

Trim and Protective Styling for the Colder Months

So after a summer of wash and goes my ends were raggedy. Knotted, split and dry. I trimmed a little 1/4 inch off, but upon further inspection I had quite a bit more damage than that. In my quest to grow my hair longer I had a week of hesitation and denial, imagining I could just ride it out. But my wise man reassured me I had to loose it to grow it, which I knew in the back of my mind already. Sooooo... I cut about 1-2" off my entire head. I knew I made the right decision upon washing the freshly cut hair. It was so much easier to detangle and it felt very light and smooth while it was wet. I cut a bit extra from the front to recreate my "bangs" which still stretch to my neck.

The learning lesson here = don't ever wait that long (It had been almost 6 months) and even the wash and go needs tons of TLC for the ends.

So I want to regain that length and put myself back on track to see how much longer I can grow it out. I will be wearing protective styles this fall and winter to protect my fresh ends and minimize traction and damage.

I wore a Princess braid last week and weekend. This week I twisted my wet hair into large double strand ropes (which shrank to death). It's nice getting up and going in the morning but I get very restless by day 3. This will be a challenge!

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