Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Curls Gel-les'c Sample Review. I'm jelous of the other reviews.

I am only posting the image here because I feel I need to have an image with a post. But alas- my hair did not look as if I put anything in it at all by the time it dried. It was shiny and soft, but had little hold or curl definition. I suspect that I needed to use much much more than was provided in the sample for the length and density of my hair. I did ration out what I had and apply it section by section to wet hair. I am not sure the expense justifies a second attempt, though I can imagine using it for fluffy puffs and loosely defined afroness.

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  1. Lovely hair. I am thinking of buying this. I just bought the Moist curl moisturizer and "Its a curl leave-in" for my daughter (but I will be using it too). I think I will get the Gel-les'c on Monday.


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