Monday, May 12, 2014

My hair made a baby cry :-/

I know it can be a little strange if you've never seen it… Big curly hair that moves oddly with little provocation.  I get it.

But this baby girl, maybe 8-9 months old who has a white mom with long straight hair and a black daddy with short coily hair, was having NONE of it. Which is ironic, because her hair looks a lot like mine did as a baby, and she may very well end up having hair very similar to mine when she gets older lol.

She stared and stared. Many babies are quick to grab earrings, hair… whatever seems interesting. This little girl…NOPE. She just stared. And if I was holding her she was staring or making sure that my hair did not do anything unsavory behind her back, craning her neck and shifting positions to keep it in sight.

So here I go, deciding to see if she was curious, scared - what… what is it?
My BF was holding her right next to me on the couch and she's staring from 2 feet away. First I used my hand to move some of it back away from my face. Well that caught her undivided attention. So then I shook it a little at her. Mind you she was sleepy and in silly/cranky mode so I was totally provoking her lol. She shrunk back, but her eyes got all big.  She stared.  I shook it again.  She let out a small whine.  The other adults were watching and laughing now like oh no, she's scared! So I very slightly shook it one more time… NOPE. tears. A monster. I said let me stop teasing her.  She stared at me the entire rest of the night - from far away.  Aww.

I felt like a big ole meanie, but also like, dag… I just washed it this morning!

Wash & Go using Camille Rose Naturals Moisture Milk and then Curl Maker with Castor oil layered on top.


  1. Wow! That's a nice wash and go. I thought it was a twistout.

  2. Aww haha that was a hilarious read! It's been so long since you've posted an update though. Waiting eagerly for your new posts!


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