Friday, January 25, 2013

Oh Yeah. The blog. The press.

So I have been active on Twitter and Facebook, but have greatly neglected the blog :-(
It all started with me catching the dog-gone flu for NYE and being down for a week.  So I didn't get the picts I wanted for the press post. And then, and then... I just kinda took a break lol.

I'm catching up though!  I have picts for days! I'll start with what I did have from the press I did before I left for the holidays.  I get better at pressing and maintaining it each time!

This was the fastest and most long lasting press yet.

I roller set it, using Nubian Heritage Honey & Black seed wrap mouse instead of gel, and it dryed in about 80 minutes, which is record time for me! Then as I took out each curler I ran the section once over with my flat iorn on 330. It went so fast! and the curls from the roller set stayed put so I didn't have to sleep in curlers early on to create curls.  I was simply done, and never even had to re-curl it! This is the winning process for me.

The other thing I did was make my own pomade to use throughout the life of the press. I took a small glass jar and combined castor oil, two teaspoons of beeswax pellets, some grapeseed oil and some fragrance oils and microwaved it just long enough to melt the beeswax. I got a nice solid pomade once it cooled, which had the wax I like to keep my hair smooth throughout the press. I've discovered that for my fine hair I need that heavy coating to combat reversion and frizz.  it also seems to lock in whatever moisture I had from the wash and set process.  Thus my hair did not dry out for many many days. I could have gone 2 weeks, but I felt my hair was far too dirty for my liking after 9 days.

I took most of these pictures on day 4.
The 1st picture below is one I took right after I finished pressing it.

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