Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Checking in!

So how about I want to cut my hair again!  lol.

I feel like the front is too long.  Like right behind the bang area is still really hangy instead of stick uppy. I'm trying to wait a bit to see if the feeling passes. Here are some recent picts of how I've been wearing it. 

I've actually mostly been using Eco styler gel, and I found a new gel that I like a lot! I got this from Kmart.  I had never seen it before and it was cheap (like $3), so I grabbed it.  Ultimate Organic Therapy Olive Oil Polishing Styling Gel. (I tried to find a US purchase link for this but can't!)

The very first picture above is how my hair looked styled with that and castor oil.  It reminds me of a more moisturizing version of IC fantasia's polishing gel.  I like it a lot!

I've been maintaining it at night as in this video, and getting about 3 days out of my wash and goes out.  I then pull it into a puff until I can co-wash it.  Other products I am in the middle of trying out and like include Trader Joes Tea Tree tingle shampoo, the Trader Joes Nourish Spa conditioner and Safi hair care's hairsickle. I am loving all of these products and they have been my summer staples for the past 3 weeks.

I have also tried the Organix Argen oil formula conditioner (found it half off at CVS!) and aside from the smell, which is great, I am not sure I am all that impressed.


  1. Very cute! I don't think the front is too long. I love the length all over.

  2. If it was my call (and of course, it's not), I would leave the hair as is. It is a gorgeous shape and length. I completely understand the urge to cut, though. I feel that way when my hair hits a certain length -- starting about where it is now, collarbone-length stretched.

  3. Just as beautiful as Angela Davis my sister!


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