Saturday, February 26, 2011

Secret Exposed!

If you read my Tangle Teezer review, you already know that Skeptic should be my surname. So, when my homegirl Nia told me about her recent discovery (revealed in her blog post The Product I've Been Keeping Secret, I gave a slight side-eye. But, since Nia was the one who put me on to my beloved Kinky Curly (although after months of telling me how great a product the Curling Custard was, I had to go to her house and use some of hers for myself before I believed), I figured I’d give her secret a shot.

Contrary to popular belief, I thoroughly enjoy being proven wrong, especially when it comes to hair care. This is one of those (rare) times when my skepticism was unwarranted. THAT JOINT WORKED, YO! I tried her trick the other night and voila! Shiny, soft, perfect crunch-free curls sprang up all over my head. Now, I will say this: the curls were almost too perfect. When I tried to stretch my hair with a blowdryer, my hair looked at me and said, “Nah sun, we staying TIGHT!” #Fail. It took a herculean effort to get my hair even slightly stretched and the process sadly frizzed out some sections. I’ll have to try her technique again with some modifications to figure out how to get my stretch on, but I definitely will try it again so that I can let go of the EcoStyler in favor of a gel with ingredients that don’t make me cringe.



  1. If you don't mind having shrunken hair for one day, why not just use it to define your curls, and that night put your hair into big twists or braids, making sure not to separate the curls? Stretched hair from day 2 onwards, without dealing with a blow dryer or frizz.

  2. I purchased the Kiss My Face Upper Management and as soon as it's wash and go weather I will be trying it out.


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