Thursday, November 4, 2010

My friend is a braid/twist n curl Master! Instructions!

Meet again one of my best friends, Jemima- whom I've known for 10 years. Let me first show you some pictures of her flyness before I get into her style instructions here:
I had her on here before because of another dope Braid and curl she had, but almost every time I see her she is rocking a very nice, defined set and I always ask her how she did it, (one time she even set mine for me but my hair is just so darn frizzy).  But this time I'm sharing with everybody-  She sent me instructions!

Steps to this braid and curl:

1) Mane and Tail Shampoo- Wash Hair
2) Deep Conditioning Treatment- Olive Cholesterol - Leave in hair while showering
3) Rinse out deep conditioner treatment
4) Towel dry hair, but keep it damp
5) Sprayed hair with Infusium 23 Treatment/Water in spray bottle half/half
6) Part hair in circular rows-it results in a fuller look
7) Apply 100% Pure Shea Butter to each section
8) Brush with Denman brush for even distribution of the Shea Butter
9) Braid sections...really tight, especially tighter at the roots
10) Plastic rods on the ends of each braid
11)  IC Fantasia Styling gel on the ends
12) Air dry or for best results sit under the dryer for about 20 min
13) Make sure hair is COMPLETELY dry before taking down the braids

She also does a twist and curl in a similar way with great results ANNNNDDDD check out her bantu Knot out below as well.  
A little more information: I'd guess she has "4b" type hair if you forced me, and it's SUPER thick and shiny. She's repping Haiti all day every day and she's been natural for over 5 years now I think 6 years. I'm just going to fill the rest of this post up with pictures. 

 Twist and curl:

 Pin curls on pressed hair.
 Bantu knot out:
If you have questions for her let us know in the comments!


  1. She is really good with styling. I will definately be trying these when my hair gets a little longer. Her bantu knots where nice and bouncy looking after taking them out.

  2. WOW! We have nearly the same styling rituals! I'm going to start parting mine the way she mentioned. Thanks for posting this!

  3. when she does her braidout, does she do it (untwist her hair) in a particular way? my braidouts have thus far been unsuccessful. but i love her hair! and the bantu knots?! gorgeous!

  4. She does get consistently beautiful results. I've finally gotten a routine down for my Braid and Curls, but my T-n-Cs always end up a frizzy mess. Also, I've been thinking of trying out another Bantu Knot out and this pic of hers makes me want to try it even more. Were the Bantu knots done on stretched or shrunken hair? And still set with only Shea Butter??? Gorgeous!

  5. I do the same thing with my braid-n-curls and twist-n-curls except I use the Kimmaytube leave in as my leave-in and heavily diluted Lottabody Olive Oil Setting Lotion. I think the key is sitting under a low/warm dryer for 20 minutes and airdrying the rest of the night. I have perfect sets every time that easily last at least one week. I will try her parting method though!

  6. I can see now that my next investment needs to be setting lotion of some sort. Yo... her hair is so shiny. Very pretty.

  7. Hello Ladies!!!! Thank you so much for the encouragement and thanks to my girl Nia for featuring me :)
    @ Janelle, I un-twist/un-braid in the reverse so that the hair can be defined. I find when I unravel or part the sections multiple times, I get alot of frizz.
    @ Moni Kniits, I usually do any of my styles on slightly damp hair. I find that I get more "body" that way! I set with a little Shae Butter and Infusion 23/Water mix 1/2 & 1/2
    @ Alta, I just discoverd the circular row parting method! It take a little longer, but the results are worth it ;)
    @ Shones, I think the Olive Oil deep conditioning treatment along with the Shae Butter contribute with the shine. My hair tends to suck moisture really fast, resulting in "cripy dry ends"
    Thank you Ladies again, with Nia's yeeeeeaaaaars of encouragement, I finally did it! The road has been bumpy many, many times, thus my presses in-between, but I am so happy I did it!!!!

  8. Lovin' the Bantu where is my shea butter because I have got to try these out!

  9. i am so digging her hair!!! can't wait to try some of those styles.

  10. Yes, in every pic it's ultra shiny hair. Very beautiful.

  11. Ohhh circular parts. I think that just changed my life! I'll be trying these in the next couple of days

  12. I am going to try this! Her hair is beautiful!

  13. @ jemima do you have a youtube ch?

  14. How do you keep hair looking good all week what do you do every night to keep you style looking good


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