Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blow out- quick update.

Blow out results below. Verdict is still out on the style options I'll take advantage of with the loose hair...

Look at that growth!


  1. Me likey! I'd rock it just like that...maybe add a headband. Great starting point for some twists maybe?

  2. Fierce!!!


  3. I see a flat twist out or a bantu knot out.


  4. Love, love, love your hair! Rock it with a hair accessory and keep it moving!

  5. you have amazing haiiiiiiirrr! i love
    what hair type do you have?

  6. Beautiful, beautiful, awesome hair!!!!
    Have you ever faced single strand knots? I'm wondering if we (naturals) should take them off or just keep them as they are and wear or wash & go without worrying too much about them. Thank you if you ever get the chance to read this!


  7. @anon 1- thanks! I have fine hair, of the 3Cish variety, with lots of 4A mixed in, and much more of a stand up S personality than a lay down coily one.

    @Laura - I get em all the time since I love wash and gos so much. I cut them out when they begin to snag in my hair (if de-tangling becomes arduous). The best way to prevent them if you are growing it out is to wear more protective styles than out styles.


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