Monday, January 27, 2014 - Nisus

Blow out!!

I blew it out!

I've been feeling like my hair has been loosing its density as I age, but when I see these pictures it looks very much the same as it did when I was younger.  I need to stop worrying so much!

I am now entering a phase where I want it all dark again though :-/

I may waylay my plans for length for a little bit while I trim the rest of the color out over the summer.  I thought about putting a rinse over it, but I finally have the majority of my natural color now, so I don't want to mask it with anything.

The process to blow dry it was simple:
  • I split my wet hair into 6 twisted sections then put a turbie towel on for about 20 minutes to absorb access water. 
  • I then applied the Nubian Heritage Honey Black seed heat protectant leave in and then foam with avocado oil on top for shine. 
  • I used the tension method to mostly dry my detangled hair on medium heat while held taught.
  • Then used higher heat and the comb attachment to smooth it out a bit more.  It probably took about 5-8 min per section. 
I twisted it up after the blow out and then wore the twists for most of last week in various up-dos.
Over the weekend I finger combed it and put it in much larger twists with curlers and the last pic is the result of that.

Thursday, January 9, 2014 - Nisus

"Shrinkage is Not the Enemy" was re-posted on Black Girl Long Hair! :)

My post about not making an enemy out of shrinkage was posted on Black Girl Long Hair!! 

Feeling honored.  The comments are giving me so much energy to write more :) Go on over there to read the comments and weigh in

And thanks @ Rinney for noticing my article!! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 - Nisus

Wash & Go in Winter. I do not fully endorse, but...

But sometimes it's just so easy and fast.

Just before the holiday break I went to a few holiday gatherings at friends houses.  A Friday night and then a Sat night back to back. One was a wine party and the other a game party. I wore my hair big for these too but didn't stretch it out with heat, only pineappling at night.  I used Castor oil, Nubian heritage Honey Blackseed leave-in and Wetline Extreme gel. I diffused pretty well before going out into the cold, so it worked out pretty well.

I didn't get pictures on the first 2 days but here is day 3 hair :)

I didn't lose any curl pattern since the Press in early December.  Phewww!

Around the house I had it like this, and by the end of that week I was wearing it like below and in buffs to work. I have to wear a headband when I wear it out now because I'm growing my bang out again, for now.  So my hair hits awkwardly on my face when not stretched.

Monday, January 6, 2014 - Nisus

Happy New Year!

It's 2014!!

Here is a Summary of my holiday hair prep and how it all turned out :)

Prep- big huge twists left to dry.  Wetline extreme gel and hairveda almond glaze.

 I had a lot of shrinkage and wanted bigger hair for my new years dress so I used my flat iron on 300 to stretch it out.

Then I had this kinda high neck dress so I wanted it big, but it looked kinda better up.  I decided on a half and half type of style :)

And a few picts of the night :)

Hope you all are staying warm and enjoying 2014 thus far.  Sorry for the brevity of words vs the onslaught of pictures.  I was like let me just get these up before it's about to be February lol.

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