Thursday, September 15, 2011 - Nisus

I got braces!

I got ceramic braces with clear bands :-) 
I have a severely deep bite, and have known I needed braces for almost 2 decades lol.  But for various reasons, mostly aesthetic in my 20s, I put it off.  Well this past year a few trips to the dentist confirmed that I needed to hurry up and correct my bite before any more damage could occur.  So TA DA.  Here I am.  I will have them up top for 6 months to open my bite enough to get them put on the bottom.  So far they don't hurt and I'm tolerating them well! No speech impediment lol

Here is a quick, silent vid about what I am having correted.  My bite is over 100% and looks similar to the teeth below :-( 

My hair?  Bang and bun again lol- but I added a flower headband. KMF gel :-)


janelle said...

aww, congrats. i've had mine for almost 8 months. another 16 or so to go. good luck!

Nisus said...

Thanks! Any advice is welcome! lol

Brandy said...

So cute! You can barely see them.

I've had braces twice, once as a teen and once as an adult, so I feel your pain...oh the pain! My 2 bits of advice: Never completely stop wearing your retainer (I did and my teeth went RIGHT BACK to where they were, hence the adult braces) and stay away from hard sticky candy like taffy that can pull a bracket loose. Oh, and carry a mini toothbrush. You'll be surprised how much can get stuck in there!

sarah said...

i have a deep bite like yours, as well as 4 rotated molars. i probably should look into getting braces as well.

nappy headed black girl said...

Congrats on making that move. You look wonderful; they don't distract from your beauty at all.

Nisus said...

Thanks for the encouragement everyone! I am finally eating more solid foods again and getting the hang of it all. BUT my first tightening is on Oct 13th and I hear tightening can be worse than when you get them put on O_O

The Retro Natural said...

I almost didn't see them. You look fab as always lady! :D

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