Wednesday, January 13, 2010 - Nisus

Playing with my hair cut

Here is an idea of the remaining length and my new favorite quick style. :-)


Anonymous said...

Great styles!! Wow.. you still have some length girl :-) Are you using the same products as before the cut or have you changed up?

Mackgurl said...

I just wanted to say thanks for keeping it very real and very informative. I've been natural for a few years but am always on the look out for good information. I'm rocking a 'fro at the moment and loving every minute of it (smile). If you don't mind, I would really like to put a link to your site on my blog
Thanks bunches!

Nisus said...

I'm super late! Hi!
@ Joslyn- I have been using the same products indeed. I have, however, been playing around with flexi rod curlers quite a bit more to do bigger curls that I like with the bang.

@Mackgurl! thanks!! I subscribed to yours :-)

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